Photography: AMOS RAI

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
and doubted if i should ever come back.

People are always scared thinking of tomorrow if you are scared, think for the things of today that you can control. Think of how you can make slightly better today, think how you can make this day a good day and make history repeats. May be this is only possible way you can prepare for tomorrow.

Life and Plan:

It’s a funny thing’ the way they work.

Just the other day i was sitting at a corner and taking my time to think of my past day’s and i realized. I was not searching for living my life but spending so much time on planning, and found that planning my life has consumed my life.

It isn’t easy without plans, Plans are everywhere. We are bombarded with them all the time. We are told we need plans in every step we measure (i.e. Business plan, Future plan, Five years plan and on and on). we all make this plan because we think we are suppose to do; it’s part of we are being responsible adult. We believe plans are the best way to achieve success and we compulsively gravitate toward them because they make us feel safe.

But plans just creates illusion of control, they are an excuse to do nothing.

On a certain level i obsessed on my life planning and somehow i mapped out as well. An ages ago i made a conscious decision to work hard throughout my high school, in order to get admission in colleges, and was going to enter to the study program of BCA ( Bachelor in computer Application). But plans are funny thing they change as we evolve.

After switching many major plans, i have come up with a whole new set of plans, I now completed my education program in major finance and i will be surged into real world. And i am happy with my decision but makes me think, what a waste of my time and life was. Life gets us into our own way and point us in better direction.

We spend so much time on planning that we miss our lives time and particular age phase which we will never get. Planning is important but there is something indefinitely more intriguing about letting life happen. Life is meant to be lived, not planned out minute by minute.

In the end, life isn’t all about the plan. Life is about how the unexpected turns makes us who we are and no plan, none of them could predict that. Plans can be good and bad sometimes but life is happening and it yearns to live and carry unforgettable lesson of life.



Step up and take responsibility for our lives, then we are actively shaping our destiny

Memories of past remains imprinted in everybody’s mind, heart and soul. we can’t hide behind and that’s real.

our thinking and hard work defines our destiny where we want to be. Weak desires bring weak results, keep consistency in mind the achievement of desire and goal. we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves and one day the results will be in our face.

The standard of success in life is not just the things or money we achieve in our journey- it’s absolutely the amount of joy we feel. Never be dejected or miserable “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation or the things we wanted and did not reach but it’s our thought’s what we bring about it within own self”. Choose to be kind over being right and we’ll be right every time.

Because “There is no investment you can make which will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer through your establishment”.

I could never forget the incidences that turned my life upside down. Each morning i wake up with the same question, go out on work, return, relax and putt off light remained unanswered. I believe that everyone is alone has own pain in their own space where they hardly visit and never plan to return. But life has to move on we cannot cheat our future, destiny with our past…. it’s gone over … commit to your future and march towards your destiny.

Time never spare you for what you are or what you would like to become.


Tears of Joy

For some of the writers or poets words are like a body with a spirit. Without the word for them it would be like a fish with out a water.

Every human beings here in this spheres lives with a word, communicate using the word. writes, drops out their feelings through words, and it’s not for the competition or to achieve award, Name, Fame and compete with the world.

It’s Just a phrase where you can layout in the channel of the word of word. And Which we get gratis, However it depends on how we learn to store words and use appropriately.

As a result either you’ll achieve what you fancy it or face consequences for the word which you spited out. That is why i wanna say word oh word split in the right track and hurt no one because word doesn’t have hand’s and leg so they can grasp.That is why when we use it alert your mind because one word can heal the pain and act as medicine the other can wound you and injured you.

So thought of sharing in the topic “Word”

In the door of the word i was standing with no word. with which my writings was incomplete. My mind acted differently and searched to ask a credit to a “word” to lend me a word to complete my writings. which words are obviously lining all around waste and valueless.

Can any one bet for a word?

And if it was possible to bet those words would this world be same as now?

Words are lining around priceless, so for whomsoever who can exploit the locution that can be fruitful for those person. Develop yourself to place word and build yourself for where you want see yourself standing.


In everybody’s life satisfying life is with different individuals preferences and make the world better place.

Why do we all have this sense? we are always obsessed and hunting for what it takes to have a satisfying life?

Instead! continue everyday and practice how to sharp.

In this world nothing can satisfy your life there is always another place you long to be.

What is the thing that maximizes and adds satisfaction to your life? your better relationship? improved financial condition? a better career or most materials belonging?

Let me say this, yet when this things arrives you will be satisfied only temporarily. Soon enough, the excitement vanishes and off you go, looking for next adventure to keep you captivated.

The most satisfying life is learning to stay happy, when we feel happy in our life we experience immediately in the moment. Life satisfaction is with our own life it is happiness that exists when we talk about the past and mapped out ourselves.

As Eric Barker answers the questions: What can we do to not just be happy in the moment , but to feel satisfied with your life.






What would be your answer for the refereed question?


silhouette of happy young woman
“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve”.

Our life span is short, Some mornings the world seems a paradise. you wake up, take a deep breath by the window, and look out on golden sunshine reflecting on the trees, leaf by leaf. some moments make life seem so precious: the face of a beloved friend as you say good-bye, a sublime piece of music that perfectly matches your mood, the unexpected affection of a small child.

But other mornings, the world seems a place of horror. You wake up to news paper headlines screaming about yet another terrorist bombing that maimed or blinded a child, yet another serial killer upgrading his victim, yet another famine, war or earthquake. These are moments when nothing makes sense, nothing seems fair.

What does it all mean? Can we make sense of our wonderful and terrible world? Why are we here?

How did the world change so drastically into a place of suffering and tragedy?

There are many times we find ourselves doing something selfish or even cruel when we really wanted to do the opposite. Why? Because the invisible enemy, the Devil, works to make people fail morally. Disease begins to strike at random. Jealousy, animosity, and greed multiplied human miseries. Devil is the originator of sin in the universe, the “father” of sin and thus of murder and lying. Evil comes to a perfect world.

Choose a path on yourselves where you want to stand for. Since  God gave the angels and human beings of every generation, a spiritual nature and a capacity to make real choices.


“All Scripture is God- breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

“The unfolding of God’s word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple”

Studying the bible will strengthen your “understanding,” give you the strength to overcome destructive habits, and enable you to develop physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually.

The Bible speaks to the heart. It deals with experiences of humanity___ birth, love, marriage, parenthood and dead. It heals the deepest wound in human nature, sin and misery resulting from it. God’s word not a book of one race, one age, one nation, or one culture. Although written in the East, it also appeals to man and women it the West. It enters the homes of the humble and the mansions of wealthy. children love its exciting stories. Its heroes inspire young people. The, sick, the lonely, and the aged discover in it comfort and hope for a better life.

Because God works through the Bible, it has great power. It breaks even hearts hardened against all human emotion, softening and filling them with love. we have seen the Bible change a former bandit and opium smoker into a zealous preacher. we have seen the Bible turn a liar and a cheat into and upright teacher. And we have seen this book snatch people from the brink of suicide and give them a hopeful new beginning. The Bible awakens love among enemies. It makes the prod humble and the selfish generous. The Bible strength us in weakness, cheers us in despondency, comforts us in sorrows , guides us in uncertainty, and soothes us when weary . It shows us how to live courageously and how to die without fear.

It’s God’s book, the Bible that can change your life!

Why was bible written for us? Jesus answers:

“Bible truths are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God; and that by believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:31


Zindagi pani achamma ko cha.

YO zindagi pani achamma ko cha Harek din lagcha samjhi sake tara Harek din kehi samjhai dincha


Timi ta hidie diyou agiee, ma tehi rahigaye Nadi bagera gayo, kinara kulharu tehi rahayo Yatri haru, katti audai jadai garyo Ra! tyo yatra, tyo bato , tyo samjhana tehi rahigayo

Ani jun mode ma hath chodyou timile mero Biswas ra varosa mero kahi tatai rahi gayo ra! sapna ra hakikat ko sthan ma Ma thorai katai bagigaye.


Uhale atikkai farj (Zimbewari) afno nibhaudai janu vayo harek afno jhukeko lai uthaudai hidnuvayo Taki! Aandi huri ma pani atal rahana sakos ra tyo Rukh ! Jara sanga jamin ma gadidai gayo.


Live your life fullest.

Be yourself don’t spend your life trying to fight for what’s not your

“Live life with purpose

Reach past the surface

it’s you who’s meant to be”.

And you know you are made for a purpose it’s all God plan.

When you are in your head overloading everything you are dead “You are dead to the wonder of this world” “You are dead to the beauty of this world” “You are dead to the clarity and true” “You are dead to get peace in touch with your feelings”.

As we know every one is weird, we should be happy cherish and celebrate our individuality and not be ashamed or be embarrassed of own-self . This world is shit it will tell you do everything but not being you.


Your mind might be shocked by number of negative thoughts running in you on a given day. But you also forget, reality that the shape of your future is based on all of these conditioned thinking pattern.

Become more aware on your quality of thinking. Allow yourself to sit silently and acknowledge your mind what you actually want. The thoughts in mind comes and goes you just don’t allow them to get attached with them just observe and let go all the old beliefs, surround with positive people and becoming more present can help in revealing your true nature.

Dela your life with challenges be confident about tye decision you make and taking responsibility for those decisions. Don’t reduce yourself to the level by telling lie and dealing with hates. However also don’t think that you are above everyone.

And after when you are capable to stand and talk in a large group of people let them influence your belief on what is right, wrong, moral or immoral you need to know yourself so well that neither you friends nor your enemies can hurt you. Because you’ll know who you are and what you stand for. By doing this people can depend on you but don’t let others become too dependent on you. It is important that you live every single minute of every single day to your life fullest.

If you can do this then this world is your’s